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Animation is a craft. I don't believe we can learn a craft by reading a book or watching a DVD. I believe we learn by doing. The more we do, the better we get. My workshops consist chiefly of exercises which are designed to be completed rapidly and in quick succession. Perfect results are not expected. But the successful completion of each exercise will make success in the next one easier to achieve. Continual repetition of a system of planning and completing animation will inevitably make the student improve rapidly. - Alex Williams


"the best educational experience I've had so far"
Rory Leiva Ahearne, student, Escape Studios, October 2010

"Thank you for the great tuition you provided; I really did enjoy myself and learnt so much during those 6 short weeks"
Greg Calvert, Student, Escape Studios, October 2010

"...pure genius"
Tracy Chung, student, Escape Studios, October 2010

"a very well organized and good teacher"
Margit Rosenaa, Teaching Assistant, The Animation Workshop, 2008

"One of the most positive people I have ever met"
Alice Holme, Student, The Animation Workshop, April 2010

"His lectures were fantastic, well organized and relevant. He is in a league of his own!"
Student Feedback, Animation Workshop, December 2010

"I really enjoyed learning animation from you, it was learning from a master"
Aruna Khudan, student, Escape Studios, 2010

"You have the gift of inspiring people"
Evgenia Golubeva, student, Escape Studios, 2011

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