Industry Panel with DreamWorks at Bucks New University

On Monday March 9th I hosted an industry panel discussion in my capacity as animation course leader at Buckinghamshire New University. The event was held to launch our new online MA in animation, a joint project between Bucks and Animation Apprentice.  The panel included some leading figures in the animation and visual effects industry, including Shelley page of DreamWorks Animation SKG, Bob Thompson of Film London, and Adam Lucas of Cinesite. I asked them to talk about where the industry is headed, and how animation graduates can break into it – what do animators need to do to get that crucial first job?


So what was this panel all about?
The panel was all about current trends in the industry and – most crucially for animation students – where the graduate jobs are, and what skills you need to get them.   It was all about jobs, careers, and the future of the animation industry in the UK. Where are the jobs? Where is the industry headed?  And what do students need to learn to ensure their future career?

Shelley Page of DreamWorks

Who was on the panel?
We welcomed a number of guests from industry including Shelley Page, head of international outreach for DreamWorks SGK,  and Adam Lucas, one of the heads of department at VFX house Cinesite in London's Soho.


Adam's credits include some of the biggest VFX hits over the past 20 years, including 300.

We were also lucky to have Bob Thompson of Film London, who knows all about the big animation projects that are coming to London in the next few months.
Who chaired the meeting?
That's me, Alex Williams, I put questions to the panel and made sure our students get their voices heard.

What's this online MA all about then?
We're launching the world's first online MA in animation. You can read all about it here.

Where can I read about previous panel discussions at Bucks?
Follow this link to see what our other panel discussions have said.  There is tons of useful information about finding work in industry – especially landing that crucial, vital (and sometimes elusive) first job.


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Industry Panel with DreamWorks at Bucks New University