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Escape Studios have long been London's leading provider of short courses for the visual effects industry, with an enviable track record in placing students in the growing animation and VFX industry in London and around the globe.  Now, as a part of Pearson college, we are launching a new four-year BA/MA in computer animation in September 2016.  I will be designing, running and teaching the course. So, what can our new animation students expect from us?

What's this course all about?
The new course in computer animation will have a strong focus on character and creature animation, which is my own personal passion and what I love to teach.  However, we will also dig deep into the visual effects skillset so that all our animation graduates have excellent general VFX skills, including Dynamics, Simulation, and Effects.

What is a BA/MArt?
It's an integrated Masters degree. That means you can stay with us for three years and earn a Batchelor of Arts (BA). Or, you can stay for an extra year, and graduate with a Master of Arts (MArt).  We recommend that applicants apply for the full four years, because it's easier to get funding for the final year if you apply up front.

Who is awarding the degree?
Kent University is our validating partner.  So you will receive a degree from the University of Kent – a top twenty university in the UK. 

Who is leading up the course?
I am.  I have worked on almost 40 animated films in the last 25 years, including The Lion King, The Iron Giant, The last three Harry Potter Films and, most recently, Paddington.

You can see some of my visual effects animation below:

What kind of work are our BA/MArt students being trained to do?
Animation has grown from a small cottage craft industry into a global business.  Animation is everywhere; in movies, TV shows, phone apps, and the web.  Our animators go on to work in all parts of the business, especially VFX work here in London. 

To see some of Escape Studios students' excellent work, check out the demo reel below.  Remember, this is student work – none of this is done by industry professionals.  These shots were done by our students after just three months of classroom study – on our short courses.  Imagine what can be done in three years!

What have Escape Studios students gone on to do?
Tons of cool stuff! We pride ourselves on prioritising the employability of our students and focusing on making them job-ready.  At the latest count, we have around 4,000 Escapees working in the animation and VFX industry – a record of which we are very proud.  To see some of our students' Success Stories, follow this link.

What if I want to try it out for a day before signing up for a whole degree?


A book for your bookshelf!

You're in luck! We are running a one-day animation taster session on December 2nd, and we still have a few spots left. You can apply here.  It's only £25 and it going to be awesome!

Where can I read more about the course?
To read more about the course, follow this link.

What books should I read before I start?
To see our reading list, follow this link.

What should go into my portfolio?
To see our portfolio guidelines, see this post.

Will I have to attend an interview?
Yes. We will expect all our prospective students to attend an applicant day, where we can see your work and get to know you. More information can be found here

I've never done computer animation before…do I need to know how to animate?
No. We will teach you everything need to know from scratch. But we do recommend doing one or two online tutorials just to see if 3D animation is for you.  Why not try this free tutorial here.

Shepherd's Building – Our Home in Shepherd's Bush

How can I find out more?
Visit our official site, or email me at alex.williams1(at) I'd be glad to answer your questions!


Escape Studios BA/MArt in 3D Animation